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April 19, 2007

Why do I teach, "Tame your sweet tooth" instead of "Eat less sugar"? For everyone who has read my new co-authored health novel, Water with Lemon, you already know that one of the 8 core habits taught in this inspiring diet-free, guilt-free weight-loss story is TAME YOUR SWEET TOOTH so you willnaturally eat as little sugar as possible. But why do you think itís more important to first tame your sweet tooth than to just simply eat less sugar?

First of all, when people are told to eat less sugar, the first thing they do is begin replacing all things sweetened with sugar with all things sweetened with "artificial" sugar. Sure, youíre now eating less sugar, but youíre also now eating something artificial and not necessarily good for your overall health. If you just TAME YOUR SWEET TOOTH and lower the desire for so much sweetness, you will naturally eat less sugar. And natural sugar isnít innately bad for us; itís the overeating of sugar that becomes the problem. Eaten in moderation, itís an acceptable ingredient in our daily diet. So when you TAME YOUR SWEET TOOTH, you learn to actually like a healthier amount of sugar WITHOUT feeling deprived. So . . . I ask you to please TAME YOUR SWEET TOOTH and learn to like all things less sweet and youíll be one giant step in the right direction toward lowering the amount of carbohydrates in your diet.

Learn more about taming your sweet tooth and how you can think outside the "artificial" pink, blue & yellow packets in your quest for a healthier lifestyle.

And for all of you who HAVENíT already read Water with Lemon and want to learn how these powerful 8 habits can help you master good health and positive weight control for life -- what are you waiting for? Never before have the lessons of good nutrition and the emotional challenges of weight loss been modeled by characters in a story. This book will not only teach you what to do, it will inspire you to actually do it. Read what others are saying and take a look at the first two chapters at Or better yet, just order the book and get started on your journey to a healthy lifestyle TODAY!

Water with Lemon is not only the name of my book, itís also my drink of choice, especially while on the road. And because Iím traveling to over 50 different speaking events around the country each year, I make sure my purse and luggage are ALWAYS sufficiently stocked with plenty of True Lemon packets. These convenient, flavor-filled envelopes give me the refreshing taste I crave with all the benefits of the pure and natural hydration I need. Iím also starting to switch it up a little with True Lime and True Orange. WOW! Now, who really needs anything else with all these great options?

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