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December 20, 2006

Survival of the Fittest! A Must-Read for All Party Animals

‘Tis the Season and boy can we overindulge! Family get-togethers, neighborhood parties, work celebrations, eat, drink, eat, drink, eat, eat, eat. It seems that all holiday parties revolve around FOOD! And typically, party fare isn’t necessarily healthy fare. But even the busiest “Party Animal” can survive without disaster if you follow my simple Party Survival Tips. And make sure you share them as a special holiday gift to your friends! Trust me; they’ll thank you for it in January!

Party Dish Perfection – Delicious AND Healthy!
To make sure there’s at least ONE healthy appetizer at the next party you attend, consider taking my 7-Layer Bean Dip where my Benito Bean Dip creates the delicious and healthy base! In addition to making a beautiful presentation, it will quickly become the hit of the party!

In addition to my Benito Bean Dip recipe, so many of my recipes call for a variety of fiber-rich, cholesterol sponges – or BEANS! Besides providing essential nutrients in your weekly diet, the scrumptious variety of beans from Eden provides endless opportunities for making delicious recipes your family will love! And all of Eden’s beans have the extra bonus of being “no-salt-added.” Check them out and eat beans four times a week!

Plan Now for a Healthy 2007!
Why not start the year off with everything you need for a healthy, fit lifestyle that helps you SAVE TIME, EAT SMART and LOSE WEIGHT without “being on a diet” all the time. Check out my Everything “Power Pack Special” that has all the ingredients you need to get you motivated and keep you living a healthy lifestyle. Already have everything for yourself? Here’s a perfect opportunity to treat someone you love to this special gift and take them along with you for a healthy 2007!

Don’t Forget to Tune In
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Get Motivated. Stay Motivated.
Here’s a Motivational Minute to keep you going, recorded live from my speaking platform. Make sure to visit my Web site often to hear a new Motivational Minute each Monday and don’t miss the opportunity to participate on my new "Zonya’s Power Blog."

Merry Christmas! Season Greetings! Happy New Year!
Bless you all and thank you for blessing us at
Zonya Health International and ZHI Publishing!!
See you in 2007!!

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