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February 16, 2007

Master the FATS of Life

Choose foods that are as low in fat as possible then add back limited amounts of the omega 3 “good” fat found in nuts, seeds, olive oil and salmon. By limiting the amount of “bad” saturated animal fat and “ugly” partially hydrogenated trans fat, you can:

  • lower your risk of heart disease
  • lower your risk of cancer
  • control your weight
  • have more energy

To learn more about the “ugly” trans fats and what you can do to limit these fats as well as reduce the “bad” saturated fats, click and read:
“Zero Trans Fats –The rest of the story.”

True or False? Nachos are a fattening appetizer and could never pass as a “healthy dinner.”
Answer: TRUE for most restaurant nachos.
FALSE for your own homemade!

Sitting down to a mounded plate of nachos covered with beans, cheese and sour cream sounds like a major binge, right? Not at all, thanks to all the new low-fat foods available and proper portion control. Baked tortilla chips can count as a healthful serving of grain. Add vegetables, beans, salsa and nonfat sour cream or nonfat plain yogurt, and you have a most delicious, satisfying and completely guilt-free meal!

Compare a serving of my Guiltless Nachos Supreme at only 430 calories and 8 grams of fat to a typical restaurant serving of Nachos Supreme packing 800 calories and 55 grams of fat!

Healthful Food Manufacturers are like Treasured Friends
As a nutritionist, I have maintained a watchful eye for good foods containing NO partially hydrogenated fats with healthful portions of good fats, as well as low in sodium for years. Finding a company I know I can trust to have always used the right ingredients because it’s the right thing to do is like finding a treasured friend for life. Eden Foods is that treasured friend for me because I know they have my best health in mind with everything they make. Check out their products and you too can discover a faithful treasured friend in Eden just as I have.

Come See Me LIVE!!
Here’s your chance to catch me live and in person at the following events open to the public in February. If you do attend, make sure you say hello and let me know you’re one of my e-NEWS subscribers. I’d love to say hi!

Saturday, March 10, “Women: A Day for You” Program in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Monday, March 12, “100% Fad Free” at EMU Student Center, Ypsilanti, Michigan. Call 734-487-1157 for ticket information
Tuesday, March 27, “Lighten Up Iowa” Mid-Term Motivation Event in Dubuque, Iowa. Call 563-585-2533 for ticket information

Send Me Your Success Story
I love hearing how the Power of One Good Habit and cooking from my Lickety-Split Meals cookbook has helped people gain health and lose weight. If you have a success story you want to share, please e-mail your story to or mail your story with before and after photos to ZHI, 7134 Donegal Drive, Onsted, MI 49265. Nothing motivates like hearing about the success of others, so we’d love the opportunity to share your story with others.

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