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January 26, 2011

Hello 2011!
If this is the year you’re ready to make your New Year’s Resolutions succeed and last—your work place could be key to your success or failure!

Is Your Job Making You Fat?

While what we do at home is certainly important, let’s face it, most of us are spending a high percentage of our waking hours at work. So it just makes sense that it’s a lot easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle when our work culture is “healthy.”

When morning meetings provide fruit and bagels instead of donuts and coworkers choose healthy fare for lunch instead of grazing from the vending machines, our personal health goals can be much easier to achieve. That success climbs even higher when office mates use break time for walking or dedicate 30 minutes after work for fun fitness time together.

So how can you make your worksite a “healthier culture?” Read on to discover three major ways to get you started.

Consider This Worksite Wellness Program...
DIET FREE: The Eight Habits That Will Change Your Life!

If your worksite is interested in offering an engaging, affordable, turnkey program for creating a healthy eating and exercise culture, my DIET FREE Leader-Facilitated Video Seminar Program is perfect for groups of 10 or more. These eight powerful habits are presented in “video seminars” that can be facilitated by anyone in your work place, and the program includes all the necessary tools participants need for success. Learn more here or email Deb Wise at

Crittenton Hospital in Michigan

Participant comments:

“I lowered my cholesterol 40 points during this program.”

“ I learned more in this program than I ever did with all of my times attending Weight Watchers.”

“This is a program that I can do forever.”

Delicious Veggie Dip

As an added incentive for your weekly veggie tray at work, make a batch this delicious Tzatziki Dip for a “healthy” flavor boost. Use it on sandwiches in place of butter or mayonnaise. (It’s the same delicious yogurt sauce you get at Greek restaurants…YUM!)

The Key to “Keyboard” Relief

A big worksite problem is injury from “repetitive motion” caused by keyboard use (or called carpal tunnel).
Learn Sherry McLaughlin’s key to your keyboard relief in this short video.

Proud “Parent Corner” (with “kids” of all ages!)

I admit it. The first 10 years of my boy’s life has not featured many salads. That is, until we hit gold when we invented “the salad shaker.” Using an appropriate vertical container with a sealable lid, place an assortment of greens plus their choice of chopped vegetables. Our friend Michael (shown on the right) likes tomatoes, carrots and green peppers. My son Ridge (on the left) likes cucumbers, carrots and celery. And of course, croutons! (They make a fun sound when it shakes.)

Only a teaspoon of dressing is needed. Be sure the lid is on tight and let them shake away! They can “drink” their salad or eat with a fork. Another “Proud Parent” moment for me.

Please email me your proud parent moment (with a photo) at so we can share in our “Proud Parent Corner.”

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Be healthy and happy!

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