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March 19, 2007

Just because we CAN, does it mean we SHOULD?

  • Just because our society makes it easy for us to drink soda pop every day, does it mean we should?
  • Just because we can choose fruit-flavored snacks instead of real fruit, does it mean it's a good choice?
  • Just because our schools, convenience stores and movie theaters offer nachos covered in high-sodium "plastic" cheese sauce that are the absolute FAVORITE of kids of all ages, does it mean we should indulge this desire?

Kids and parents alike deserve to know the alarming facts that national health experts are uncovering. Check out these facts before you answer the questions above and then learn how you can create healthy eating habits for your children [and you] by clicking this link.

Eating HEATHY doesn't mean BLAND or BORING
I know many people just assume that when they make the choice to begin eating a healthier fare, they're probably going to be giving up taste, sweets and anything yummy. Listen carefully here, EATING HEALTHY CAN BE YUMMY, INTERESTING AND FULFILLING!!! Now that I've gotten your attention, check out these two examples of my favorite yummy AND healthy recipes: Creamy Chicken Enchiladas and Chocolate-Amaretto Cheesecake.

For MORE delicious and nutritious recipes the whole family will love plus over 175 nutrition, fitness and time-saving tips, my Lickety-Split Meals cookbook will help you save time and eat smart!! And if you're like many people who buy a cookbook and then need some added motivation to try more than five recipes, watch me cook 13 of my favorites while learning even more nutrition tips with my "Cooking with Zonya" DVD.

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Saturday, April 21, "A Morning for Me" Program in Perrysburg, Ohio, sponsored by Mercy Health Partners Monday, April 22, "Northwest Ohio Foodways EXPO" in Bowling Green, Ohio, sponsored by Bowling Green Convention & Visitors Bureau

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