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March 2, 2010

Teaching my eight DIET FREE habits to help people achieve a healthy, vibrant and DIET FREE lifestyle is my passion and mission. It is also a cultural shift I hope will soon reach everyone across the country to help turn around the obesity epidemic in America and put a halt to the onslaught of type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

“Creating a DIET FREE America”
In Washington DC in February!
“Creating a DIET FREE America” was the title of my presentation for the National Governors Conference Spouse Program held on February 21 at Mount Vernon.

Reaching the eyes and ears of our state leaders is hopefully one step in the right direction for helping ignite change in the way Americans eat. Our country’s First Ladies and First Gents have a long-standing tradition of addressing concerns that affect the well-being of their state’s residents, and what better time than NOW to share the DIET FREE approach for healthy eating and exercise!

On Public Television in March!
“DIET FREE with Zonya Foco, RD” is the title of my two-hour television special that will begin airing on public television stations across the country in March.

Reaching the eyes and ears of Americans in their homes is hopefully another step in the right direction for spurring a change in how we think about nutrition and exercise. Click here to learn more about DIET FREE and watch video highlights.

Here are a few local Michigan air times for “DIET FREE with Zonya Foco, RD”:

  • Michigan State Public TV, WKAR: March 4 at 8:00 p.m.
  • Detroit Public Television, WTVS: March 6 at 3:30 p.m. and March 19 at 12:30 p.m.
  • Grand Rapids Public Television, WGVU: March 7 at 3:30 p.m.

Check your local TV listings or call your local public television station to find when this will air in your market. Click here to connect to your local public television station’s Web site.

In Your Home by April!
“DIET FREE—The Eight Habits That Will Change Your Life” will soon be available in a complete, self-guided, nine-week video seminar, weight-loss and wellness program to be released in late March.

Reaching the eyes and ears of anyone and everyone, as I become your personal weight-loss and wellness coach through over three hours of “DIET FREE Video Seminars.” The seminars were taped in front of a live audience and cover all eight habits. But that’s not all! The program also includes my new DIET FREE Lifestyle Guide with even more information, charts and Habit Homework assignments for each of the habits, plus a DIET FREE Habit Tracker for daily planning and tracking as you learn to incorporate the habits into your life. The full program even includes my Lickety-Split Meals cookbook, the DIET FREE novel Water with Lemon, “Everyday Fitness: Movement Training Program” DVD and complete set of “DIET FREE Audio Seminars.” Click here to check out the program and order yours today!

In Your Community!
I always enjoy coming to your community for a live DIET FREE Challenge Event or Workshop. However, when “live” isn’t possible, you can now get me “taped live” with my DIET FREE Leader-Facilitated Video Seminars!

Extending the reach to employee and community group sessions that are facilitated by HR directors, health professionals and community outreach managers puts the DIET FREE message in front of even more Americans hoping to win their war on obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. If you are interested in learning more about the leader-facilitated DIET FREE Video Seminars, please email me at

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center, March 18
I will be kicking off a new series for Crittenton Hospital Medical Center, “DIET FREE Weight-Loss Program,” with a live event on March 18 in Rochester, Mich. Crittenton is offering multiple 9-week DIET FREE programs, open to the public, beginning in March. Click here for more details.

“Every Once In Awhile”
The secret to DIET FREE success
Anyone who knows me and my DIET FREE approach to healthy living knows that I LOVE to teach about adopting new habits that will change your life. But even when we are following new habits, do we have to be perfect EVERY DAY? What happens when we’re not?

Remember, this isn’t a diet. This is DIET FREE, and if any one of the habits ever begins to feel like a diet, then it becomes worthless. For each habit, I recommend that every once in awhile, it’s all right to live outside the guidelines of that habit. Indulging responsibly every once in awhile makes the habits fit into your life and eliminates the diet mentality of feeling deprived and guilty.

Indulging responsibly allows you to know that once in awhile, when the circumstance dictates, it’s okay to treat yourself to something you really enjoy—bacon, fried chicken, French fries, a hot fudge sundae, chocolate… or whatever. This is NOT a license to binge, and once in awhile doesn’t mean daily or even weekly. This is the essential ingredient that finally allows you to fit your real life circumstances into your new healthy lifestyle. So you see, every once in awhile is not “going off” the program, it’s part of the program!

“Every once in awhile” works for Teri M.
“I’ve had success with dieting before, but ALWAYS gained it back. After attending DIET FREE, what really made the difference for me was Zonya’s message about, “Every once in awhile it’s OK to eat outside the guidelines of each habit.” That each habit is who you are most of the time, but that venturing outside once in awhile is not only OK, but part of the DIET FREE lifestyle! Before, if I ate a brownie, it was ALL OVER! But not any more! I can enjoy a brownie occasionally. What a new way of thinking and living. It has now been one year since I attended DIET FREE. And just from Zonya’s DIET FREE habits, I’ve lost 50 pounds. There’s no gaining it back this time, because I am NOT deprived! I’m DIET FREE!” -Teri M.

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