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May 28, 2009

Living D.I.E.T. F.R.E.E.™

If you couldn’t attend my D.I.E.T. F.R.E.E.™ seminars held in Adrian, Michigan, this past January and March—not to worry!! We videotaped both seminars and my talented executive-producer husband is now in the process of turning those energizing live presentations into a complete DVD set of D.I.E.T. F.R.E.E.™ video seminars for all. So… stay connected to my e-NEWS, tell your friends to sign up, and then be the first to take advantage of my new D.I.E.T. F.R.E.E.™ Program, complete with The Official D.I.E.T. F.R.E.E.™ Lifestyle Guide, D.I.E.T. F.R.E.E.™ Pocket Planner and more! Anticipated publication date January 2010.

In the meantime, this eNEWS continues the D.I.E.T. F.R.E.E.™ theme with a few tips about Include Breakfast. And stop eating two or three hours before bed. And if you missed the last eNEWS about Drink Water, make sure to check it out in the archive listing on my web site at

Include breakfast.
And stop eating two or three hours before bed.

Studies show that people who include breakfast eat 100 fewer calories a day than people who don’t. And if you stop the unconscious evening snacking, you’ll save another 200-500 calories each day and be ready to start the next day right by eating a nutritious breakfast. This habit won’t make you weigh less after just one day or even a week. But after a full year of including breakfast and eliminating evening snacking, you can be up to 30 pounds lighter!

Waking Up Your Metabolism

Your gastrointestinal (G.I.) tract is a 24-foot-long calorie burner as it pushes food through the tract and metabolizes nutrients. However, when the rest of your body wakes up in the morning, your G.I. tract just keeps on snoozing until its alarm goes off. And the alarm it needs to wake up is food—breakfast! This metabolism powerhouse stokes its furnace (and burns calories) by processing food.

Best Breakfast Bets

The best breakfast consists of fruit, whole grains, some protein and a bit of fat. If you’ve read Water with Lemon, you’ll remember that Fowler serves a slice of low-fat cheese with his whole-grain French toast to increase the protein content of the meal. This added protein helps keep blood sugar more stable throughout the morning. Peanut butter topping for pancakes and whole-grain toast also provides protein in addition to fiber and other nutrients.

Start making Include Breakfast a habit this week with Whole-Grain French Toast or mix up a batch of Scrumptious Swiss Oats ‘n Fruit. And Eden Foods makes it especially easy to add fruit and nuts to your Swiss Oats with Dried Wild Blueberries, Dried Cherries, Dried Cranberries, Pumpkins Seeds, Almonds and Wild Berry Mix.

Other great breakfast bets are:

  • Low-fat yogurt with ground flax seed and granola
  • High-fiber cereal, fruit and low-fat milk
  • Banana with a whole-grain bagel topped with a thin spread of natural peanut butter
  • Scrambled egg or veggie omelette with slice of melon
  • Low-fat smoothie with wheat germ or ground flax seed and fruit
  • Sliced peaches and a 100-calorie, high-fiber, protein-rich VitaTop muffin from Vitalicious

Making habits last a lifetime

To help this habit last a lifetime, get all my healthy breakfast recipes with my counter-top coach cookbook, Lickety-Split Meals. And if you haven’t read Water with Lemon for the inspiration you need to begin your D.I.E.T. F.R.E.E.™ lifestyle, make sure to order your copy today!

Cereal Smarts

How can we QUICKLY find the best choices in this ever-expanding aisle of marketing mass confusion? First, don’t fall for slick promo tags on the package. For instance, the “antioxidant-rich” Smart Start cereal may sound healthy, but it actually has more sugar than Fruit Loops. Bottom line: Read the nutrition label, not the package promotions!

To save you time and energy, focus on just these two numbers: Fiber and Sugar. Since most cereals are already low in fat, the key is to find one that offers at least 3 grams of fiber and no more than 8 grams of sugar (equal to 2 teaspoons of sugar… don’t you think that’s enough?). Keep in mind that cereals with raisins or other dried fruit will list more sugar, but it is a natural sugar. In my opinion, if the cereal has raisins, it doesn’t need any more sugar for sweetening.

Click here for a list of my top cereal picks to help you choose wisely the next time you’re in the grocery store.

In the next e-NEWS, I will have some great tips on mastering the second part of this habit, “And stop eating two or three hours before bed.”

Coming Attractions… Live with Zonya!

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Taking Your Health to the Next Level
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Look for “Zonya’s Health Bites” on your local PBS station for practical grocery tips, fun in the kitchen with delicious recipes, everyday fitness with Zonya and Sherry. Check your station's listing on their Web site and contact them if they aren’t already airing the show.

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