November 20, 2006

Yes You Can Find Time To Fit In Exercise

Even as the busy holiday season begins to tighten its grip on our already busy schedules, finding ways to fit in exercise is important - and can be done. And because the holiday season typically means eating and drinking more, making sure you find ways to burn those extra calories will help keep the scales from presenting you with a New Year bonus of a few extra pounds! Check out my Fitting in Fitness tips and begin your holiday season in great shape!

Good Fitness Is For Everyone
Being physically fit is important for all ages and means fewer aches and pains, increased energy, improved balance and stronger muscles. If you need a little energy boost or have a few more aches and pains than you’d like, check out my “Everyday Fitness with Zonya” DVD. With the help of my expert colleagues, we show you 16 simple and quick routines the entire family can follow - and benefit from!

A Pumpkin Recipe That HELPS Your Exercise Plan – REALLY!
. . . And one your kids will love as well. First of all, what would your kids rather eat: “wild rice and squash” or “Jack-in-the Pumpkin”? Being creative and thinking like a kid can help get your kids to try new foods they THINK they won’t like. My Jack-in-the-Pumpkin recipe filled with brown and wild rice, beans, corn and salsa is not only fun to serve and delicious to eat, you’ll have over an hour to fit in your favorite exercise while it’s baking!! Oven - Exercise - Eat - what a concept!

My Favorite 1-Minute Meal on a Busy Day
I seem to be flying here and dashing there 365 days of the year, so when the holiday season comes around - I’m really stretched for time. One of my favorite 1-minute meals when I’m on the run is a Hearty Grains & Onion Bagel from Natural Ovens Bakery topped with Honeycup mustard and a slice of turkey or chicken. The secret is the whole-grain goodness and ground flaxseed boost that Natural Ovens puts in SEVEN scrumptious varieties of their delicious bagels. Where else can you find whole-grain blueberry or raspberry or cinnamon and raisin bagels? Make sure you stock up on all your favorite bagels delivered right to your door from Natural Ovens so you’re ready for a healthy holiday rush.

Do Your Christmas Shopping at
Another great way to beat the holiday rush is to do your Christmas shopping from the comfort and convenience of your own home while giving family and friends the gift of saving time, eating smart and losing weight!! Shop 24/7 at

Don’t Forget to Tune In
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Get Motivated. Stay Motivated.
Here’s a Motivational Minute to keep you going, recorded live from my speaking platform. Make sure to visit my Web site often to hear a new Motivational Minute each Monday and don’t miss the opportunity to participate on my new "Zonya’s Power Blog."

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