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November 30, 2010

Zonya’s StressLESS Holiday Plan

Whether your holiday undoing is buffet bingeing, decorating dementia or shopping shambles, following my stressLESS plan will give you more joy and health this holiday season! Here’s a printable version to post on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror and office wall!

And remember… “Every once in awhile it’s OK to indulge responsibly.” But “once in awhile” doesn’t mean from Thanksgiving to New Year!

Are holiday parties sabotaging your good intentions?
No problem with my Party Survival Plan. You won’t be ringing in the New Year in 2011 with “added baggage.”

Work the magic with the “Matrix” - in just
2 minutes!

OK, I’m SERIOUSLY taking away any excuse for NOT exercising!
Watch this video clip as Movement Training Specialist Sherry McLaughlin and I show you how to work your entire body in just two minutes

Like this workout? You can purchase the complete 30-minute workout on DVD that includes your choice of beginner or advanced programs. Learn more

Zonya’s Favorite Holiday Meal Plan

Delicious and special enough for entertaining CAN be healthy… and here’s the proof!

Appetizer:  Herbed Salmon Spread – Less sodium than smoked salmon at HALF the cost.

Entrée: Cranberry Pork Roast over Noodles – Elegant, delicious and simple. What more could you want.

Salad:  Broccoli Salad with Dried Cherries – What’s red and green and loaded with antioxidants? You guessed it!

Dessert:  Chocolate-Amaretto Cheesecake – And you thought decadent couldn’t be healthy. Just wait until your guests get a taste of this!

Holiday Gift Ideas

Looking for the ideal “gift theme” for your friends and family? How about “healthy eats?”

The “Plan, Shop, Cook Special” includes my Lickety-Split Meals cookbook, “Shopping with Zonya” DVD and “Cooking with Zonya” DVD with a free red “Zonya” tote. This “healthy eats” gift provides the recipes, shopping guidance AND cooking demonstrations! Now that’s what I call a gift for healthy eating! Just $48.

Have a BIG shopping list? No problem.

The “Lickety-Split Trio” will help you spread the health this holiday season… while gifting you with a FREE fitness DVD you can keep for yourself! When you buy three Lickety-Split Meals cookbooks, I’ll gift you with a free “Everyday Fitness: Movement Training Program” DVD. Just $60.

Order your gifts today and
receive in time for your gift exchange!

Priority Shipping is required for all orders placed in the month of December shipping to the Pacific and Mountain regions, and all other destinations after December 10 if intended for delivery by December 24.

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Type "Zonya" in the coupon code when you order from the Eden store and get 15% off regular pricing.

More Gift Ideas
Keeping with the theme of “healthy eats,” another favorite of mine are Gift Baskets from Eden Foods. My favorites are the “Organic Popcorn Basket,” “Organic Teas and Mug” and the “Michigan Basket” featuring products from Michigan. 

DIET FREE and Loving It!

Motivation to keep the weight off

You all know how hard it is to lose weight, and even harder to keep it off, right? Many of you know Connie “Exercise” O’Brien as one of my DIET FREE success stories who lost over 40 pounds in one year by living DIET FREE. Hear her story.

We’re now a whole year later, so you might be wondering, has she kept it off? You betcha! In fact, she’s now lost closer to 49 pounds.

So how does Connie stay motivated? One thing is that she always travels with healthy grab-n-go snacks and water packed in her purse, laptop case or car. This keeps her from reaching a “starvation” point, especially during long holiday shopping trips. But my favorite idea is what she so cleverly did with her old “fat jeans” shown in this photo.

She turned them into her new GYM bag—embroidered on the handle is Connie “Exercise” O’Brien and “I Live DIET FREE” on the front. Talk about added motivation to get to the gym and her new love, Zumba classes.

Connie, You Rock!

New Year. New You in 2011?

If you're ready for a NEW YOU—that lasts year after year (just like Connie!)—start living DIET FREE! These habits will fit into to your life for the rest of your life.

I’d love to hear your stories! Share your comments and videos by sending me an email at or write on my wall on Facebook.

Healthy Fun at Live Events

Here’s a special “shout out” to all my new friends in Platteville, Wisconsin. Does this group know how to have fun, or what!?

“We are absolutely delighted at the tremendous response in having Zonya kick off our ‘Heart of the Community’ initiative.”
– Jaime Collins, Southwest Health Center Director of Marketing & Communications

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Be healthy and happy!

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