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Tips for "Trick or Treat" Survival

When Halloween arrives in your neighborhood, here are a few tips to help adults and kids alike enjoy the fun while surviving the onslaught of sweet temptations delivered by the bagful.

Boo-tiful candy alternatives for treating the kids while pleasing the parents
Hand stamps and removable tattoos
Dimes or nickels (You can actually "save" money this way!)
Barrettes and ponytail holders for the fairy princesses
Cool pencils, erasers and crayons for the ghouls and goblins
Fun plastic rings and jewelry with glitter, gems and even shaped like spiders
Sugar-free gum
Granola bars
Raisins (small boxes)
Juice boxes (a refreshing treat for hard-working witches and warriors)

Treats for the kids

  1. Try not to dole candy out piece by piece throughout the day. Repeated exposure to sugar is more likely to cause cavities. Rather, shoot for once a day and have them brush their teeth afterwards.
  2. Don't let kids hide their candy underneath their beds. They'll be snacking late into the night without brushing their teeth.
  3. Gently remind kids that candy is not a "grow food." This is why you are asking them to limit themselves to 2 or 3 pieces a day, in order to leave room for plenty of "grow" food.
  4. Have them count out 30 (or so) pieces they want to keep and give the rest to families less fortunate.

Tricks for the adults

  1. If you have the tendency to eat most of your Halloween candy before October 31, then refrain from buying until the day before.
  2. Buy candy you don't like (if there is such a thing!).
  3. Increase your exercise during this period.
  4. Opt for dark chocolate (added antioxidants) and look forward to just two small "fun" size pieces in a day.
  5. Use positive self-talk. If you've nibbled a bit more than you wanted to, say, "No big deal." Make a decision to end the "haunting" and give the candy away