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If you'd like to see Zonya in the news, look no further. Here's a sample of recent local and national print exposures.

Daily Telegram October 2015THE DAILY TELEGRAM, Adrian, MI, Life In Style - Sunday, October 11, 2015
Diet Smackdown: Vegan vs. Paleo
Dietitian Zonya Foco puts two alternative diets to the test

Health Beat Summer 2015LENAWEE HEALTHBEAT Nutrition - Summer 2015
Article: Sweet Substitutes
Successful stress managers conquer sugar addiction with simple food substitutes

Health Beat Spring 2015LENAWEE HEALTHBEAT Handling Stress - Spring 2015
Article: Eating Well to Reduce Stress
The five habits of highly effective stress managers (Part One)

Via Christi Life Winter 2015VIA CHRISTI LIFE Good Eats - Winter 2015
Article: Warm Up This Winter
Gypsy Stew offers hearty, healthy goodness

Lenawee Pulse Winter 2015LENAWEE HEALTHBEAT Handling Stress - Winter 2015
Article: Creating Balance in Your Life
Zonya Foco offers solutions for cranking your "stress dial" to the left

Lenawee Pulse Fall 2014LENAWEE HEALTHBEAT Nutrition - Fall 2014
Article: A Year of Healthy Additions
Apples, cranberries and nuts finish out the yearlong superfood challenge

Lenawee Pulse Summer 2014LENAWEE HEALTHBEAT Nutrition - Summer 2014
Article: Super Foods for Super Health #2
Berries and beets lead the charge in this issue's superfoods

Lenawee Pulse Spring 2014LENAWEE PULSE Nutrition - Spring 2014
Article: Super Foods for Super Health #1
Keep up the 'one new superfood a month' resolution, and see your health soar

Lenawee Pulse Winter 2014LENAWEE PULSE Healthy Eating - Winter 2014
Article: Supercharge Your Body this Year
A New Year's resolution to befriend one new superfood a month will pay big dividends

Lenawee Pulse Fall 2013LENAWEE PULSE Nutrition - Fall 2013
Article: Kale a Superpower Among Foods

Lenawee Pulse Summer 2013LENAWEE PULSE Nutrition - Summer 2013
Article: What about the Paleo Diet?

Lenawee Pulse Spring 2013LENAWEE PULSE Healthy Eating - Spring 2013
Article: Fast Food at Home
It's easy to create a healthy 'drive-through' right in your own kitchen

Lenawee Pulse Winter 2013LENAWEE PULSE Lifestyle Changes - Winter 2013
Article: Ditch Dieting Forever
Small changes can lead to big results over time

Lenawee Magazine features Zonya Foco"LENAWEE" magazine, Fall 2007
"We get a taste of healthy cooking from Lenawee County’s own celebrity Zonya Foco," Paul J. Heidbreder, Publisher
Article: Simply Healthy

HAP event teaches women about weight loss
January 26, 2006
Zonya Foco, R.D., wants to warn people about a serious danger in the workplace. It's free, round, and likely to be found in the lunchroom one or more mornings per week.
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 Todays Woman Magazine Features Zonya FocoDietitian from Onsted has her own TV Show on PBS Stations
January 24, 2006

Next time you sit down at a restaurant, instead of salivating over the menu, feel that tugging on your forehead. Across it is a wide strip of white tape with the word "sucker" written in big red letters. If you ignore it, your forehead won't be the only thing tugging after consuming all those calories and fat grams.
Article: Zero in on Zonya for Good Health

Healthy Habits
January 20, 2006

Spooning vegetable shortening into the palms of a woman she invited on stage, Zonya Foco administered what she called a "doughnut lobotomy." illustrating painstakingly just what goes into a doughnut, she made the treats thoroughly disgusting to the people who nearly filled the Meyer Theater at Monroe County Community College.
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