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    From: $145.00

    To: $210.00

    Attend a different inspiring seminar with Zonya every week, AND be coached by her one habit at a time.

    Whether you want to lose weight, improve your energy, lower your cholesterol, blood sugar or blood pressure, or simply have optimum health, adopting Zonya’s eight DIET FREE habits – one at a time – will change your life!

    Zonya's ten inspirational 30-minute seminars are delivered to you one per week via online video streaming on your personal member page (or see DVD add-on below). In each video session, Zonya shows you how to use your DIET FREE Kit materials to master that week’s habit. Zonya also keeps you on track during your 10-week program through two weekly emails that provide coaching messages, plus you can post questions for her and others using the community message board. Your purchase includes ongoing membership and unlimited re-viewing of the DIET FREE video seminars, healthy recipes, tips, and more.

    DIET FREE contains all the support tools you need for a lifetime of success. You will be motivated....entertained...and changed forever!

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  2. Eat Real Cookbook, 28-Day Kickstart

    Eat REAL Cookbook, 28-Day KickStart (PRE ORDER SPECIAL!)

    Regular Price: $27.95

    Special Price: $23.95

    As low as: $16.95

    Orders now thru April 30 get $4-11 OFF the retail price of $27.95 PLUS a FREE 3-Month membership to You will receive your sign-up link within 3 days of submitting your cookbook order.

    For autographed books, check the "Gift Message" box in the shipping method area and provide the name(s) and any messages you'd like included.

    Your cookbook will ship May 5th.

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  3. Lickety-Split Meals

    Lickety-Split Meals for Health Conscious People on the Go!


    As the official companion cookbook to DIET FREE, you’ll save time, eat smart and lose weight with this 400-page “countertop coach” cookbook full of 175 deliciously healthy recipes and pages of nutrition, fitness and grocery tips. Learn More
  4. Movement Training DVD

    Everyday Fitness: Movement Training DVD


    Retrain Your Muscles for a Pain-Free, Active Lifestyle!

    Learn More
  5. Water with Lemon: DIET FREE Novel

    Water with Lemon


    An Inspiring Story of Diet-Free, Guilt-Free Weight Loss!
    by Zonya Foco, RD and Stephen Moss. Learn More
  6. Two-Book Bonus Offer

    Two Book Bonus Offer: Lickety-Split Meals and Water with Lemon

    From: $33.95

    To: $35.00

    Purchase Water with Lemon and Lickety-Split Meals or Lickety-Split Diabetic Meals as a set and receive Zonya’s “Motivational Minutes” audio CD – FREE! Learn More
  7. Lickety-Split Trio

    Lickety-Split Trio ** GREAT FOR GIFTS! **


    Spread the health...and reward yourself! When you buy three Lickety-Split Meals cookbooks, I'll gift you with a free "Everyday Fitness: Movement Training Program" DVD. Just $60.00.

    Learn More
  8. Plan, Shop, Cook  Special

    Plan, Shop, Cook Trio Special ** GREAT FOR GIFTS! **


    This "healthy eating incentive" provides the recipes, shopping guidance and cooking demonstration! Includes Lickety-Split Meals cookbook, "Shopping with Zonya" DVD and "Cooking with Zonya" DVD with a free "Zonya" tote.

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  9. Cooking with Zonya (DVD) - - - **NEW LOWER PRICE**

    Cooking with Zonya (DVD) - - - **NEW LOWER PRICE**


    Have you ever gotten a cookbook and never made a thing from it? Here’s the solution: A Lickety-Split experience guaranteed to motivate and educate even the cooking impaired!
    Run Time: 1 hr. 45 min. Learn More
  10. Shopping with Zonya - (2 DVD set)  - ** NEW LOWER PRICE**

    Shopping with Zonya - (2 DVD set) - ** NEW LOWER PRICE**


    A grocery shopping tour with 39 fact-filled, entertaining lessons that are sure to change your life! Let Zonya teach you how to read the ingredient list and nutrition label and make the best choices in all aisles of the grocery store. Whether your goal is to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, control diabetes, lower your blood pressure or simply eat smarter, “Shopping with Zonya” will help you find the right solutions for you and your family. As seen on Zonya’s weekly television series, “Zonya’s Health Bites,” aired on public television.
    Total run time: Approx. 3 hrs. Learn More

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