Three Simple Words: Eat Real Food!


Zonya Foco presenting Eat Real Food

Diet soda, Go-Gurt, Gatorade, light salad dressing, 97% fat free lunch meat, and light pancake syrup: these foods are good choices, right? After all, they help us limit the bad guys, sugar and fat, and (in theory) reduce our calorie intake. Yet numerous studies demonstrate that the secret does not lie in modified "diet foods" but rather, in replacing our voracious intake of processed food with wholesome REAL food.

Zonya Foco speaks on Eat Real Food

With labels in hand, Zonya will present a closer look, challenging whether manufactured diet foods are truly "health foods" and how, in our "processed food at every turn" world, we can make the switch. Its time to stop the confusion, kick processed foods to the curb and live happily ever after while eating succulently prepared REAL food!

Ask how this can include a live cooking demonstration including delicious samples! Talk about raising the bar on your event!

Strawberry dessert by Zonya FocoZonya Foco Beet Salad by Zonya Foco Zonya Foco presenting Eat Real Food

"Evaluations were unanimous. Attendees loved Zonya!"
- Joanne Umbrasas
"UP4Health" Conference

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Demonstrate how delicious and simple nutritious food can be with a Live Cooking Presentation.

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