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Finding Fitness in You with "E" Harmony

Have you ever felt like you were in a dead-end relationship with your exercise routine? You joined the gym with glee but now never go. You set your alarm for an early walk only to hit the snooze.

We know exercise is good for us. The benefits far exceed boosting metabolism and burning fat, to improving our immune system and helping fight heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, dementia and depression. The secret to exercising; however, is to find what you love. Not just tolerate - but what you absolutely wouldn’t dream of staying in bed to miss. Hard to fathom? Not after this session with Zonya! It’s all a matter of matchmaking your unique personality with just the right exercise activity until you find your true soul mate - E Harmony! Zonya helps you “power date” all kinds of E choices you never knew enough about, like water aerobics, kick boxing, Jazzercise, tai chi, line dancing, arm-chair exercising, and Zumba. You’ll learn about people who were just like you before they found “the one.” True E Harmony! With your “E matches” in hand, you can date your way to finding your true exercise love. Soon you’ll begin exercising like never before, and live happily ever after!

""What I like best about your presentation is that you "turn on light bulbs." We get connected, we laugh, we learn, we understand, and lives are changed. Thank you!"
- Arlette Wright, Education Coordinator,
The Women's Center Reading Hospital and Medical Center,
West Reading, PA

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”I LOVE this Movement Training Program DVD. It's making a huge difference in my core strength and is the only exercise program that has reduced my tummy fat and tightened my butt. It also has eliminated my aches and pains, particularly my long-term back pain.“
- Patti H. Age 49, Columbus, OH

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