Zonya Foco presenting worksite wellness

Surefire Solutions to De-stress and Balance Life!

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Don't let the effects of excess stress hormones age you anymore! If you’re too busy, too tired and too stressed, it’s time you learned how to become your own ‘cortisol blocker.’ It all begins by taking a deep breath as you embrace Zonya’s three-point plan for de-stressing and rebalancing your life! From learning the restorative power of saying the word ‘no’ to life-sapping drudgery, to declaring ‘yes!’ to energy-promoting exercise, you’ll learn how to dial down your stress hormones. (Yes, you really can sneak exercise into your daily routine, including stress-relieving stretches you can do at your desk.) Zonya will also present nutrition know-how for the too busy, by providing a clean-eating, energy-promoting menu that anyone can shop for and prepare. Additionally, you’ll learn surefire solutions for getting the restorative sleep you need, plus how to use music, laughter, positive thoughts and clear communications to truly de-stress and balance your life!

Zonya Foco presenting De-stress

"When men are walking out of a safety council meeting saying ‘great program today!’, I know we had a really successful event! We average 220, but we had 251 for Zonya’s presentation."
- Sally Cox, Summit County Safety Council

Zonya Foco and Julie Jank

"What a great decision to have Zonya back again. All new information, same great fun and inspiration!"
- Julie Jank
Executive Coordinator,
Marketing and Communications
Allegiance Health, Jackson, MI

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