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Inspire your employees, patients, or
members in just 2 to 4 minutes each week!

Zonya's Video Clips are wellness videos that cover everything from mindless
eating to exercise. You'll be delighted with how Zonya's "laugh-at-life"
messages build positive changes for weight, diabetes, cholesterol, and
stress management.

Categories Include:

Perfecting Your Pantry A-Zonya
Straight from Zonya's kitchen, simple ways to stock your kitchen smarter, so you and your family can dodge obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
   15 Videos

"Seinfeld-Style" Speaking Clips
Inspirational clips from a variety of Zonya's live speaking presentations sandwiched with a personal message at the beginning and end, challenging you to make a change this very week.
   29 Videos

Moving Into Fitness
Zonya teams up with physical therapist and movement training expert Sherry McLaughlin, who will lead you through pain-relieving and core strengthening moves for every part of your body!
   13 Videos

Great Grocery Picks
Here's your chance to take a stroll with Zonya down every aisle of the grocery store. You'll be amazed at what you'll learn in each section, and thankful to never be deceived again!
   15 Videos

Lickety-Split Cooking
From the set of her public television show, Zonya shows you how to make family favorite meals and desserts the "healthy way" with nutrition tips and tricks throughout.
   29 Videos

"For four years and counting, we love offering these high quality video clips in our enews and on our website. Inspirational and 'edutaining', our members love Zonya!"
-Terri Kachadurian
Director of Worksite Wellness and Member Engagement Programs
Health Alliance Plan (HAP), MI